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  2. What is the best way to go about creating a badge and sending it in to where ever to be reviewed and accepted/denied? 🙃
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  4. Oh OK I had no clue. I just saw that it had the word Boat in it.
  5. The RC boat badge is for remote control boats, not full size boats.
  6. "Members of the NAMBA and IMPBA RC boat racing clubs are helping to write a RC boat badge." from February 2019 Newsletter.
  7. All I could find is the Marine Craft badge which isn't really what you are looking for either. Maybe it is a badge you can create!
  8. Is there a boating badge of some sort? I've done a couple of searches and haven't come across anything, but thought I would ask! We are looking for something to do with basic boating knowledge or boating safety?
  9. I am not sure if it will allow you to edit comments or not, but I can as the moderator if you need me to.
  10. Is there a way to edit a comment or post once it is commented/posted?
  11. Would it count towards the leadership badge or volunteer hours though?
  12. Sarah

    Bake Sale

    OK thanks! Wouldn't want to violate any laws. 😄
  13. Just make sure you check your local food safety laws! We used to sell pies every fall - until we found out we were in violation of the law by selling pumpkin pies.
  14. A bake sale is a great year to earn money for badges and troop expenses. Every year my troop does a Bake sale at our local Hunter Douglas. One of our girls father works at Hunter Douglas and has set this up every year for us. 😄 It is super fun and easy to do.
  15. Sarah


    😄 No problem! 😄
  16. It is extremely easy. I can't think of an area of study that we have done that can't have at least one badge tied into it.
  17. @sarvinnaddi Yes. You just can't count the same hours for both a Servant's Heart and a Make a Difference.
  18. No. You have to either be a parent or an over 18 leader in a troop to be counted as a leader. Helping your little brother lives our motto, "If you see a need, take the lead!".
  19. Yes. You can use time spent picking up trash toward your Servant's Heart awards or if you organize continuing scheduled group cleanups it can even be used as Make a Difference project.
  20. That works too. It is up to each troop as to which girls wear the patches. The patches honor the leaders more than the girls, so that is my main concern.
  21. We can make a badge for anything you would like to learn about. Just like we started with just a music badge, but now have music appreciation, music theory, musical composition, music by genre, etc. We can do the same thing for math or any other subject. Any badge would need to include not only learning the math skills, but ways to apply them in real life in a variety of ways. The goal is to take what you are learning in school to a new level and find ways to apply it in fun and unusual ways.
  22. Kerry - We've always let all the kids wear the "Super Troop" patch since it advertises the troop as a well-run unit, but only give out year bars to the girls who participated for that year. Does that work?
  23. @sarvinnaddi click on the link provided and read through the rules.
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