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  1. hisgem

    Boating Badge?

    All I could find is the Marine Craft badge which isn't really what you are looking for either. Maybe it is a badge you can create!
  2. I have this question, as well.
  3. It is extremely easy. I can't think of an area of study that we have done that can't have at least one badge tied into it.
  4. hisgem

    Meetings for large troops

    That is definitely a wonderful "problem" to have! For our families, it has been a big thing to be able to meet at the same location and time so that is something that we have always had to consider. It can lead to some craziness when you have the young ones done with their badge requirements long before the older ones are. Sometimes it would be easier to have the younger ones working on a different badge from the older ones as a way to keep all levels engaged and busy. Of course, you could always make it so the older levels help teach it to the younger ones. We have 3 levels in our current troop and we normally work on the same badge together. So when the preschoolers have finished their requirement, they are allowed to go play quietly. We have at least one parent with each group to work through the badge and then as they lower levels complete their requirements, the parent(s) join the higher levels to help them complete their requirements. This works well for some badges but for others it does not, which is why we are looking into having at least the preschoolers work on a different badge from the older 2. What probably makes our troop different from yours is the fact that we only have three level 2 members and around 4-5 of each of the lower levels. So our level 2 members are vastly outnumbered so it makes for some interesting meetings. haha
  5. hisgem

    Pen Pal from France?

    This is a site that I've heard about. It's been around for a long while but I'm not sure how active it still is. http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/
  6. It allowed me to edit one of my posts but now I can't even find the edit option that I remember using. I feel really clueless about this forum. haha
  7. We have trouble finding science program that we like as well so it has ended up being a hodge podge of things. We've been doing more badge based lessons and it seems to work much better for our family. I was trying to respond to OHmom's post but didn't do it right. haha! I need to learn how to use this type of forum.
  8. I'm not sure how to respond to the poll because we do a mix of lessons based on badges as well as finding badges to go along with lessons we are doing.
  9. Maybe it will be used to coordinate multi-troop events/get-togethers. It would be an easy way to see when deadlines are for scholarships or different programs like the SWAPS.