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  1. hisgem

    Pen Pal from France?

    This is a site that I've heard about. It's been around for a long while but I'm not sure how active it still is. http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/
  2. It allowed me to edit one of my posts but now I can't even find the edit option that I remember using. I feel really clueless about this forum. haha
  3. We have trouble finding science program that we like as well so it has ended up being a hodge podge of things. We've been doing more badge based lessons and it seems to work much better for our family. I was trying to respond to OHmom's post but didn't do it right. haha! I need to learn how to use this type of forum.
  4. I'm not sure how to respond to the poll because we do a mix of lessons based on badges as well as finding badges to go along with lessons we are doing.
  5. Maybe it will be used to coordinate multi-troop events/get-togethers. It would be an easy way to see when deadlines are for scholarships or different programs like the SWAPS.