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  1. sarvinnaddi

    Craft ideas

    Thanks for the help.
  2. sarvinnaddi


    Where will the frontier girls newsletter be?
  3. sarvinnaddi


    Well it's an award and awards stay on the vest when you advance levels.
  4. sarvinnaddi


    I don't really use frontier girls much in homeschooling but I plan to.
  5. sarvinnaddi

    Major in an Area of Discovery

    Your welcome
  6. sarvinnaddi

    How to get girls involved in fundraising

    Yah I think next year we,ll try that. But I feel bad for the girls who's parents won't let them fundraise.
  7. sarvinnaddi

    Major in an Area of Discovery

    No and I'll be honest with you if my dad was a preacher then that's what I would do.
  8. sarvinnaddi

    End of year activity

    As an end of year activity our troop always goes on a camping trip. Depending on where you go it can be a little pricey so we had each girl that was going pay part of the cost food,rent,etc. It's a lot of fun and it helps the girls learn outdoor skills like how to build a fire and set up a tent. Girls that are butterfly or under must bring along a parent or guardian. We also earn a couple badges like last year we earned camping,s'mores, and bandanas.It's a great way to end the year.
  9. sarvinnaddi

    How to get girls involved in fundraising

    Are you allowed to take the girls that helped to a special event with a percentage of the money as a reward. Like a pizza parlor or a roller skating rink.
  10. sarvinnaddi

    Major in an Area of Discovery

    Yes because the reason why you are required to do it is so you learn about the career.Even if you don't plan on being a preacher you can still learn about them.
  11. sarvinnaddi

    Craft ideas

    Probably more like little items that the girls in our troop can make. And crafts that don't cost to much to make
  12. sarvinnaddi


    Will badge requirements be available on curiosity untamed or just the frontier girl website.
  13. sarvinnaddi

    Memorable meetings

    Probably one of our troops best meetings was our special Easter meeting when we each brought a dozen eggs and items to fill them. Then our leader and parent helpers hid the eggs around a local park. Then we all went on a hunt to find them. We also had a special golden egg with a little prize inside.What was one of your most memorable meetings?
  14. sarvinnaddi

    Discovery Award

    You could write poetry to compose at a nursing home or veterans home or you could send it to our soldiers over seas.