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  1. sarvinnaddi

    Troop award

    That seems fair but what about super troop?
  2. sarvinnaddi

    Make a difference award

    I think we would probably ask people to donate gift cards.
  3. sarvinnaddi

    Troop award

    If the troop works on a award does every member of the troop get the award even if some of the members didn't meet all the requirements?
  4. sarvinnaddi


    Thanks for sharing😀
  5. sarvinnaddi

    Meetings for large troops

    We have a large troop it can be a little crazy but it's a lot of fun
  6. sarvinnaddi

    Alpaca farm volunteering project

    It really is😊
  7. sarvinnaddi

    Make a difference award

    What prizes did they donate?
  8. sarvinnaddi

    Eagle make a difference project

    What if it only lasts for a little while after you are done?
  9. sarvinnaddi

    A Christmas fundraiser

    You can also make paper flowers around spring.
  10. sarvinnaddi

    Paleontology Badge

    Can anyone submit art?
  11. sarvinnaddi

    Saola Animal Badge

    Wow and I thought unicorns weren't real😂 just kidding thanks for the resources
  12. sarvinnaddi

    Specific badges

    Can you make a specific badge for each type of math,geometry,data, fractions, etc.
  13. sarvinnaddi


    Homeschooling with frontier girls would be pretty easy since there is a badge on like every subject
  14. if you clean up trash in your own neighborhood does it count as community service?