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  1. The RC boat badge is for remote control boats, not full size boats.
  2. I am not sure if it will allow you to edit comments or not, but I can as the moderator if you need me to.
  3. @sarvinnaddi Yes. You just can't count the same hours for both a Servant's Heart and a Make a Difference.
  4. No. You have to either be a parent or an over 18 leader in a troop to be counted as a leader. Helping your little brother lives our motto, "If you see a need, take the lead!".
  5. Yes. You can use time spent picking up trash toward your Servant's Heart awards or if you organize continuing scheduled group cleanups it can even be used as Make a Difference project.
  6. That works too. It is up to each troop as to which girls wear the patches. The patches honor the leaders more than the girls, so that is my main concern.
  7. We can make a badge for anything you would like to learn about. Just like we started with just a music badge, but now have music appreciation, music theory, musical composition, music by genre, etc. We can do the same thing for math or any other subject. Any badge would need to include not only learning the math skills, but ways to apply them in real life in a variety of ways. The goal is to take what you are learning in school to a new level and find ways to apply it in fun and unusual ways.
  8. @sarvinnaddi click on the link provided and read through the rules.
  9. Email me and I will put you in touch with troop #144 in PA which is our largest at 52 members and is amazingly well run. Having enough volunteers will be your biggest obstacle. A troop can only grow as big as they have volunteers to serve them and a meeting place that can hold them. Make sure you have committed volunteers in place before growing too fast.
  10. A lot of time it is easier to get businesses to donate actual items as they can clear out overstock that is not selling well and get a tax deduction. That said, since @sarvinnaddi your troop is not chartered by a non-profit, getting any donations at all will be difficult.
  11. The Super Troop Award is a reflection on the leader/parent that shows they have done their best to expose the girls to all elements of Frontier Girls and to build in them the skills and character traits we promote. That said, the leader cannot force all girls in her troop to show up for community service, learn to sew on her own ribbons, etc. so only those girls who fulfill the requirements are allowed to wear the patch and year bars.
  12. COMamabear11 is correct. You can earn more than one, but they need to be completely separate projects and the hours you put into your Make A Difference cannot count toward a Servant's Heart.
  13. At this time, lower levels can get multiple WOW! Awards. I may add another award in the future, but it will be awhile as they are very expensive to stock and I already added several new awards this year.
  14. I have never even heard of one! Thanks for the resources.
  15. Sounds like you already have more fun ideas than I have ever dreamed of! You could play Pictionary or Charades with the timeline items and put them in order as they are guessed. PIctionary would also be fun with the state symbols. If you are not doing too many state symbols, you can do a memory game where you place them all on a tray and have the kids look at them for 30 seconds. Remove one without them seeing and have them guess which is missing by naming the state it went with. For the symbols you could also give half your kids symbols and half the state it goes with and when you blow a whistle have them find their partner.
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