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  1. kacordy

    Pinnacle award

    At this time, lower levels can get multiple WOW! Awards. I may add another award in the future, but it will be awhile as they are very expensive to stock and I already added several new awards this year.
  2. kacordy

    Saola Animal Badge

    I have never even heard of one! Thanks for the resources.
  3. kacordy

    March 4th & State Badge ideas?

    Sounds like you already have more fun ideas than I have ever dreamed of! You could play Pictionary or Charades with the timeline items and put them in order as they are guessed. PIctionary would also be fun with the state symbols. If you are not doing too many state symbols, you can do a memory game where you place them all on a tray and have the kids look at them for 30 seconds. Remove one without them seeing and have them guess which is missing by naming the state it went with. For the symbols you could also give half your kids symbols and half the state it goes with and when you blow a whistle have them find their partner.
  4. kacordy

    Life Skills Requirements

    Driving would be fine. The goal behind the requirement is to learn to be observant as it comes in handy during emergencies.
  5. kacordy

    Pennsylvania Memorial Day Service

    For PA, NY, NJ, and MD troops I am sure most local troops will be marching in their own parade, for Memorial Day, but I still wanted to invite everyone out! We will be having our ceremony at the, now 2 year old, Veteran’s Memorial and Memorial Tree that our troop put together. Master Sergeant, Cory Laguna, is having a flag flown over the USS Missouri sent to us, and dedicated to all veterans, in commemoration of the 2019 Memorial Day Dedication, for our troop to perform our flag ceremony with. Schuylkill Frontier Girls will be holding a Memorial Day Service, at the new veteran’s memorial, on Parkway, in Schuylkill Haven, at 8:00 am, on Memorial Day! All active military and veterans are encouraged to attend, so we can honor them for their sacrifices! Pastor Howard Fernsler, retired Navy, will be leading our service in prayer. RSVP is required, as our troop will be providing active military and veterans with a small gift! Any homeless or low-income veteran will be treated to a free pancake breakfast, following the service, at the Schuylkill Haven High School, courtesy of Schuylkill Frontier Girls. Please contact Ellen Smith, (570) 573-8920, James Spink, (570) 617-3330, or message the Schuylkill Frontier Girls’ Facebook page, to RSVP.
  6. kacordy

    Paleontology Badge

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I will post it in the upcoming newsletter.
  7. kacordy

    Pinnacle award

    Not at this time as I simply don't have the money to carry it stock at every level yet. Maybe someday. The award was designed for adults who never age out of their level and therefore need a way to reduce pins on their vest.
  8. kacordy

    Make a difference award

    I think that is a great idea. You could approach local businesses and see if they would donate gift cards or certificates for prizes.
  9. kacordy


    It is posted on the Frontier Girls website under the Our Program tab. On Quest it is under the About Us tab. I always post links on the Facebook group when I post them and email them as well.
  10. kacordy

    Craft ideas

    Ornaments, bookmarks, magnets, pencil toppers, friendship bracelets, note card sets, or scrabble letter magnets that say cute things. You can also have a do it yourself craft booth where you simply offer the supplies and customers get to make their own small craft for a nominal fee.
  11. kacordy


    Everything on Curiosity Untamed is free of charge. Badge requirements and membership only resources will still be on the Frontier Girls and Quest websites. The main websites are just becoming too full and so finding resources is difficult. I plan to get the main websites down to just the actual programming, forms, badge tracking software etc. and move all crafts, games, ceremonies, songs, meeting plans, etc. to Curiosity Untamed where I can more easily categorize them. The 'How To" stuff to actually participate will still be on the main websites, but all the extra ideas will be on Curiosity Untamed. For example the entire list of badge requirements for the Bubbles badge will be on the main website, but Curiosity Untamed may have various bubble crafts, science projects or field trip ideas posted to help you earn the badge.
  12. kacordy

    How to get girls involved in fundraising

    Troops/Clubs may use their money in any way they wish (as long as their charter organization agrees if they have one.) Frontier Girls LLC stays out of troop/club fundraising. Personally I prefer keeping books regarding who helped (and to what extent) at each fundraiser and allocating a percentage of funds to those kids which can then be used for events, extra badges or awards, their registration, uniform, etc. If a parent won't let their child participate in fundraising it just means they will need to pay more out of pocket. If they can't participate due to schedule conflicts, etc. the parent is welcome to work with the leader to coordinate another fundraiser that their child can attend to earn more funds, but the parent would need to organize and coordinate it. Leaders cannot be expected to cater to every child's schedule, especially when you have a troop that is 20-50 strong.
  13. What about homeschoolers like me that both base lessons on badges as well as find badges that fit my lessons?
  14. kacordy

    Awards Section

    Just added it. Thanks!
  15. kacordy

    Make a Difference Award

    It really depends on what your project is. Once you decide on a project, you will need a timeline of when things need to be accomplished. You will need to figure out what supplies you need and where you plan to get them. Do you need to raise funds? Who can you get to help you organize and complete the project? If this is an ongoing project that will need volunteers after you are finished, who will be taking over management of the project? If you can provide a bit more information, I could be a bit more specific.