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  1. COMamabear11

    March 4th & State Badge ideas?

    We had to postpone our March 4th meeting due to weather and scheduling conflicts, so it will be this coming week. Any fun ideas for learning the state symbols and/or timeline? This is our 8th March 4th meeting so I'm looking to freshen it up! We usually rotate between a Living Timeline, Timeline BINGO, Timeline Treasure Hunt and Symbol Matching Game, Symbol BINGO, HeadBandz Game.
  2. COMamabear11

    Support a service member project

    We switch it up every couple of months and create theme boxes - the soldiers really love those. Movie Night, Game Night, Outdoor Box (bubbles, chalk, water balls, etc).
  3. COMamabear11

    A Christmas fundraiser

    Great idea!
  4. COMamabear11

    Required community service

    We have cleaned, painted a bathroom, hosted a booth for their neighborhood carnival, babysat for a conference.
  5. COMamabear11

    Easter service project

    This is such a great idea!! I have a couple of girls looking for MaD project ideas so I'll be sharing with them. Thanks!
  6. COMamabear11

    Memorable meetings

    Our most memorable meeting was earning the Holiday (General) badge. Each family picked a different holiday and set up their own table to teach us about the day they picked. Christmas, Birthday, New Year's, St. Patrick's, Easter, etc. We did the same thing for Christmas Around the World and learned so much!
  7. COMamabear11

    End of year activity

    We have a family campout every year in June, a Backyard Campout in July and I take the B+ (Butterfly and up) girls on a trip in August that they plan and implement. The other leaders and I are just there for safety, transportation and crowd control. LOL We also added a Mother/Daughter campout in September last year that we hope to make a troop tradition!
  8. COMamabear11

    How to get girls involved in fundraising

    We keep an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the individual accounts, giving a percentage of the total to the girls who participated. I also have levels of profit - the more the troop makes on a fundraiser, the higher the percentage that goes to the girls who helped. We've also done pizza parties and movie nights for participating girls. Sometimes, they earn patches instead. A couple of times we gave prizes to the top three. One year, I died my hair red & blue if they made a certain amount.
  9. COMamabear11


    We do both - plan badges around our homeschool studies/field trips and plan homeschool units around badges. Frontier Girls is a great fit either way!
  10. COMamabear11

    Life Skills Requirements

    Could you take a drive around instead?
  11. COMamabear11

    Make a difference award

    Our local REI camping/outdoor store donated items for prizes when we asked.
  12. COMamabear11

    Earning badges at a higher level

    Have you looked into the new awards? The Outdoor and STEAM Awards are not required for the Gem but you could spend the next year working on those requirements. Also, you could earn another WOW or Make a Difference Award. Check out the Majors as well! 🙂
  13. COMamabear11

    Major in an Area of Discovery

    I have had 5 kids earn the Major in Character. They shadowed a mission trip coordinator, a local rescue mission volunteer, a family pastor and a youth pastor.
  14. COMamabear11

    Requirements as a Pioneer

    Modifying requirements is always OK as long as you keep the intent of the requirement. Can't do a field trip? You can usually watch one online. Can't do a group game? Play or invent one that teaches the same skills/concepts with fewer people. Can't find a younger child to teach a skill to? Write down the directions you WOULD teach if you could. One of the things I love about FG is its adaptability!