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  1. Just make sure you check your local food safety laws! We used to sell pies every fall - until we found out we were in violation of the law by selling pumpkin pies.
  2. Kerry - We've always let all the kids wear the "Super Troop" patch since it advertises the troop as a well-run unit, but only give out year bars to the girls who participated for that year. Does that work?
  3. As long as the intent of the project is for a lasting impact, I believe it counts. For example, the organization that accepted the obstacle course elements later moved out of state and didn't take the items with them. That doesn't negate that project.
  4. It was several years ago, but I think it was a lantern and 2 pie irons.
  5. No, only the individuals who met the requirements.
  6. We are thinking of changing charters and there are DOZENS of potential new FG families at our new church. We are on the verge of a huge shift in how we run our troop. Currently, we have 28 kids and three leaders and do everything together. I am also losing my 2 co-leaders! There is a minimum of 160+ new families! I know we won't get them ALL, but the potential for rapid growth is HUGE and I want to have a plan in place. Any tips? How do you do things?
  7. It can be anything, but it has to have a lasting impact. We have had 3 Eagles and an Owl earn MaD Awards in our troop over the last 7.5 years. Two of the Eagles put on community Father/Daughter dances which helped foster closer relationships in families and our community. They also left detailed instructions so we could continue the tradition of hosting the dances. Another Eagle designed and made balance elements for the obstacle course at a local Therapeutic mini Horse Farm that works with disabled kids and adults. Our Owl did several simultaneous projects to help our military. She held a toiletries drive for a local mission to help bring awareness and needed items to homeless veterans, sent over 500 valentines to deployed soldiers, and created display boards on Women in the Military and also the History of Memorial Day for the Memorial Day Observance at our local veterans cemetery.
  8. We have done it both ways - in our own neighborhood, but also in a less familiar one. I always go along with them and count something (dogs, mailboxes, etc), or observe something in interesting or odd (dogs in a window, UPS delivering packages) and ask the kids about it after the walk to see what they observed.
  9. Yes, as long as you do the work for them and don't "double dip" on the service hours. I also make the girls do a DIFFERENT project the second time around so they expand their experiences.
  10. Family Campout - same campground every year Backyard Campout - we try to rotate houses B+ Campout - different every year Mother/Daughter Campout - probably same campground every year, but I'm not sure yet since this will be our second year and I'm looking at options.
  11. We had to postpone our March 4th meeting due to weather and scheduling conflicts, so it will be this coming week. Any fun ideas for learning the state symbols and/or timeline? This is our 8th March 4th meeting so I'm looking to freshen it up! We usually rotate between a Living Timeline, Timeline BINGO, Timeline Treasure Hunt and Symbol Matching Game, Symbol BINGO, HeadBandz Game.
  12. We switch it up every couple of months and create theme boxes - the soldiers really love those. Movie Night, Game Night, Outdoor Box (bubbles, chalk, water balls, etc).
  13. We have cleaned, painted a bathroom, hosted a booth for their neighborhood carnival, babysat for a conference.
  14. This is such a great idea!! I have a couple of girls looking for MaD project ideas so I'll be sharing with them. Thanks!
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